Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Back at it...

Ugh, I just looked back and have seen that it's been way long since I've written.  October of last year.  Maybe I didn't think it was so long because I am constantly writing in my head.  Things happen and I'm like, yeah I should write a post about that....
Clearly it hasn't happened in many months.
I guess I sort of have to start over with this whole blog in a sense, because I'm a totally (well a lot anyway) different person since I first began writing.

Noah and me

I am now a mother of THREE children.  The twins arrived November 19.  They are now four months old, as of yesterday.  Unbelievable still that I have twins, that I have three children, that I have any children or a husband.

Noah, Evan, and Tobey

This is my real life.  I now stay home with the kids.  I love it a lot of the time.  I hate it sometimes too.  As you might imagine, three small children can really bring it in the crying department.  When the three of them are going at the same time, you better believe the stress level is high.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I feel like I missed so much in the beginning of Evan's life while he was in daycare.
My days are filled with diaper changes, and feeding the kids, and laundry, and cleaning (well sometimes).  My nights are often filled with work.  My business is doing quite well.  I reopened my shop after maternity leave on January 2, and it's kept me very busy.  I never thought I would love what I do, but I really love it.  I am often up until way later than I would like to be, sewing away, but I still love it.
I would love to make a conscious effort to write about these days that are going by so quickly.  We'll see how it goes I guess...


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