Thursday, October 4, 2012

Plans for Evan's Room

With our master bedroom finished, I am now on to working on Evan's room.  I feel like I need to get his room complete before the babies room, and that needs to be done soon since their arrival is rapidly approaching.  When I was pregnant with Evan I did the usual registry at Babies R Us.  I had about three options for bedding/room decor and chose the lesser of the evils.  It seemed like you could get sports or cars, which is typical.  I chose an ocean theme, which I never really loved.  This move gave me the opportunity to give his room a makeover.

I had an idea in mind for a while based on some fabric I love, but when I realized what the furniture arrangement was going to be between the two kids bedrooms I decided to decorate the babies' room how I intended to do Evan's, so I'll share that later.  Not surprisingly, Evan's room still ended up being based on fabric.

This was the first inspiration.  His old room was painted light blue, and I despised it.  I am oddly going to paint his new room blue also, but going for one of the deeper shades.  This fabric is from Michael Miller, whom I adore.  This led me to the whole line of coordinates.  But this particular madras plaid fabric is going to be for his bedspread, which I will be making with navy blue minky fleece on the back.

The blue sand dollar fabric is for the curtains.  I am not going to make full length curtains, which goes against my style intuition, but this is for safety purposes.  I can just see him ripping them down and getting knocked out by the curtain rod.  I ordered three yards of fabric, so each panel will be about 4 and half feet long.  I intend to sew a rod pocket at the top, but just for possible future purposes.  For now I am going to be using clips with rings for ease of opening and closing.  I am also going to look into what to use as a backing in order to make the room darker for the daytime naps.

For some reason the floor in Evan's room is atrocious.  The hardwoods in the rest of the house are gorgeous. Apparently in his room the previous owners covered the floor with a rug so we didn't notice until we moved in, and didn't anticipate having to refinish the floors, so for now, he is getting a rug.  I found a room size tan wavy rug online from Walmart that I intend to order, today in fact, for only 59 bucks.

Evan's furniture is a dark wood.  We got the matching convertible crib and changing table as gifts and they are beautiful.  We didn't end up with the dresser, so he has Mike's from when he was a kid.  That needs to be painted, and I plan on making it white.

Since, I was feeling a sort of nautical vibe in his room, I found some art on Etsy, where I spend a lot of my internet time.  This is what I'm thinking of.

Nautical Chevron Trio Print Set
It probably all seems like a hodge podge at this point but I'm hoping it comes out nicely.  I told Mike I would love to have both bedrooms done within the next three weeks because at that point I'll be 34 weeks pregnant with these twins.  Rule of thumb is that if you go into labor after that point, the doctors don't take any measures to stop it.  So I guess in theory we could potentially have these babies in the next three weeks. I'm hoping for a bit more time.  For us to prepare for them, and for them to prepare for the world.

Hopefully in the near future I'll be showing photos of the finished product!


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