Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Evan is 18 months!

We have been so busy that I haven't had a chance yet to document Evan turning 18 months.  Officially on June 21 my little became one and half.  So it's been a few weeks, woops.  

Anyway, he's super awesome.  He makes me laugh all the time and he tends to make himself the center of attention in any given situation.  

He can identify his eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, ears, belly and toes.  He just started saying Buh Bye, and it's so adorable I can barely stand it.  He has been saying Hi for a while now, with the cutest little voice, and a little wave.  A few weeks ago you could point to a dog and he would tell you it was a doggie, and when asked what the doggie says he would literally bark.  Now, anytime he even thinks there is a dog somewhere near he starts barking, and wont say doggie anymore, just more barking.  

He still doesn't really enjoy eating much meat.  Occasionally we can get him to take a few bites. 

He is  fearless in water and will jump into the pool.  We are definitely planning swim lessons before next summer.  

He has been mostly gentle with the babies he has been around recently which eases my mind about him being a big brother.  I think he will be wonderful.  

We have a lot of excitement coming up with the twins arriving in the fall and moving soon, (which I realize I never wrote about), and  I think Evan will do just fine through it all.  


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