Thursday, June 14, 2012

House Hunting - Deal Breakers

Now that we are actually house hunting, I have been watching even more of the house hunting shows on HGTV.  I am fascinated by the things that people on those shows seem to be incapable of living without.  My favorite example is the double sink in the master bedroom.  For some reason this particular point seems make me a little hostile.  How much of your morning routine involves actually using the sink?  For me, the only reason I use it is to wash my hands, and brush my teeth.  I'm not sure if these folks simply need an additional mirror somewhere in their house, or if I am missing out on doing something each day that I'm supposed to be.  

I have never considered myself to be a high maintenance person, and in our house hunt I don't believe any differently.  After all of the places we have now seen, my needs are increasingly simple.  I am aware that it is possible I will have to cave on at least one of the things most important to me.  These things are:

  • 3 bedrooms
  • A good, walk-able neighborhood
  • Grass space on the property
  • Laundry hookups (preferably not in a shared basement)
  • Dish washer
I think that about covers it.  Pretty simple right?  I'm not asking for granite counters and whining if I don't have room to run laps in my master bedroom.  Of course, things are more difficult since we are looking for a multi-family income property.  But we are having a really tough time.  Our biggest issue is actually finding a place with three (real) bedrooms.  We looked at one the other day that literally classified something they were using as a closet as a bedroom. 

Yesterday, we viewed a property where the third bedroom was not attached to the apartment, you would have to walk out across the common hallway and the room was out there.

We haven't ruled out foreclosures or short sales, we have extended our search to towns that are outside of where I really want to be and are being as open minded as possible, but this is so much more annoying than I ever imagined it could be.  

We did find one a few weeks ago that we really like and wanted to put an offer on.  But the seller didn't like how much we were able to offer for it.  

That was still love, with compromise.  It was certainly not perfect, but workable.  

My loving husband has made a comment that I am being too picky.  That was actually recently when I stated that I did not want to go into a basement to do our laundry, if that was shared with our tenants.  He does not see a problem with this.  I think that in a few short months we will be a family of five and I am already doing laundry constantly, so it can only get worse.  He gives me his famous eye roll, mostly I think because he honestly doesn't get my hesitation, and also because I don't think he's done a load of laundry in over three years. 

We are getting exhausted, but we have to keep at it.  In our two bedroom place, we don't have the space for the two new babies that will be joining us soon.  So, here's to remaining hopeful! 


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