Thursday, June 14, 2012

House Hunting - Deal Breakers

Now that we are actually house hunting, I have been watching even more of the house hunting shows on HGTV.  I am fascinated by the things that people on those shows seem to be incapable of living without.  My favorite example is the double sink in the master bedroom.  For some reason this particular point seems make me a little hostile.  How much of your morning routine involves actually using the sink?  For me, the only reason I use it is to wash my hands, and brush my teeth.  I'm not sure if these folks simply need an additional mirror somewhere in their house, or if I am missing out on doing something each day that I'm supposed to be.  

I have never considered myself to be a high maintenance person, and in our house hunt I don't believe any differently.  After all of the places we have now seen, my needs are increasingly simple.  I am aware that it is possible I will have to cave on at least one of the things most important to me.  These things are:

  • 3 bedrooms
  • A good, walk-able neighborhood
  • Grass space on the property
  • Laundry hookups (preferably not in a shared basement)
  • Dish washer
I think that about covers it.  Pretty simple right?  I'm not asking for granite counters and whining if I don't have room to run laps in my master bedroom.  Of course, things are more difficult since we are looking for a multi-family income property.  But we are having a really tough time.  Our biggest issue is actually finding a place with three (real) bedrooms.  We looked at one the other day that literally classified something they were using as a closet as a bedroom. 

Yesterday, we viewed a property where the third bedroom was not attached to the apartment, you would have to walk out across the common hallway and the room was out there.

We haven't ruled out foreclosures or short sales, we have extended our search to towns that are outside of where I really want to be and are being as open minded as possible, but this is so much more annoying than I ever imagined it could be.  

We did find one a few weeks ago that we really like and wanted to put an offer on.  But the seller didn't like how much we were able to offer for it.  

That was still love, with compromise.  It was certainly not perfect, but workable.  

My loving husband has made a comment that I am being too picky.  That was actually recently when I stated that I did not want to go into a basement to do our laundry, if that was shared with our tenants.  He does not see a problem with this.  I think that in a few short months we will be a family of five and I am already doing laundry constantly, so it can only get worse.  He gives me his famous eye roll, mostly I think because he honestly doesn't get my hesitation, and also because I don't think he's done a load of laundry in over three years. 

We are getting exhausted, but we have to keep at it.  In our two bedroom place, we don't have the space for the two new babies that will be joining us soon.  So, here's to remaining hopeful! 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Kid is Awesome

I have no significant milestone to celebrate today, although Evan is rapidly approaching the 18 month mark, which is the 21st of this month.  I do however feel the need to celebrate how awesome my kid is.  I have never had trouble admitting that I am seriously lucky to have such an amazing child.  Constantly people are commenting on not only how adorable he is, but how good-natured he is.  He is pretty much always happy.  Keep in mind I said pretty much.  He does have his fair share of melt downs and hair pulling moments.  

I am so excited to see him as a big brother.  I am also quite nervous since, of course there will be two babies in the house, and that demands a lot of attention.  He has always been pretty good at entertaining himself when I have something to do, but I feel as though if I am busy caring for the other children he might not be quite as pleased.  I think every parent is nervous about this, so I feel a little comfort in that.  Somehow it always seems to work out.  

Evan has been doing all kinds of silly things lately.  He loves to explore the world around him.  

He recently figured out that one of the buckets for his blocks fits over his head.

He loves wearing big shoes.  He is even doing pretty well walking in them now.  It's pretty entertaining for us. 

I gave him his very own Strawberry ice cream cone the other day.  He was pretty psyched about it.  Although he seemed to like biting the bottom of the cone too. 

Either way, he managed to eat the whole thing. 

He wasn't very fond of his afternoon nap yesterday.  So he ate some dinner.  He actually ate a little steak, which was awesome (He almost never eats any of his meat).  He took his bath, and I jumped on the computer for a minute and this is how he was when I returned.  Snoozing sideways on the couch.  It was about 6:30.

Our neighbor brought over a few things for Evan the other day.  One thing was a wooden puzzle that teaches fine motor skills like using buttons, and zippers.  It has a backpack with a buckle feature which is fantastic because he is obsessed with buckles.  He can buckle one a hundred times.  Unfortunately he can't unbuckle it so he then gets mad, until someone does it for him.  My mom (and now I) am trying get him to say "help" instead of just whining about it.  The puzzle has a little wooden shoe with laces on it also to help kids learn how to tie their shoes.  Evan doesn't see the distinction apparently between this and a real shoe, so he has spent some time this week trying to get the wooden shoe onto his little chubby foot. 

He's been keeping me pretty busy, and he has certainly been keeping me entertained.  

Friday, June 1, 2012


Alright, so here's what's going on.  March 30 was my last day at work. So, that following Monday was my first real day not working.  Four days later, on Thursday, I found out I was pregnant.  WOW, so much for relaxing a little.  I was really tired for a while, and didn't really think I was going to be able to write about anything without mentioning the pregnancy.  Or, I would talk about being tired, and anyone reading would think I was a complete whiner!  

Today, I'm 13 weeks along.  Two days ago, on Wednesday, we found out we are having TWINS! 

This ultrasound picture is the top of two teeny tiny heads.  I can't believe I have a Baby A and a Baby B!  Mike didn't come to the ultrasound with me because it just didn't seem like a big deal, but boy was I wrong.  The technician told me I was handling it really well.  I had to wonder how other people reacted.  

I'm really excited that I get to experience something that not too many people get to.  I'm also petrified at the same time.  Evan will still be under two years old when these babies arrive.  I am due December 7, but that has little to no bearing with twins, it's really just used to make sure they are growing properly.  The latest these little ones will come is November 23 (at 38 weeks) by scheduled C-section.  My doctor told me that the goal with twins is to make it to at least 34 weeks.  

Some other good news is that these twins are in the lowest risk category.  They each have their own little space in there, which you can see by the membrane (line) in between them.  They each have their own placenta and are not competing for nutrients.  They will not be identical, and could even be a boy and a girl.  I can't wait to find out!  

Now I'm in a bit of a panic.  We are looking for a new house, but currently live in a two bedroom home.  Two kids could have shared a room, but three is not an option.  I also have little faith that three car seats will fit in my Honda CR-V.  I am so lucky to have a great support system, and already lots of offers for help, which I will be taking!  

I am very excited that now I feel like I'm in a safe enough place to talk about it all and I can't wait to document and share this crazy and exciting journey! 


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