Monday, March 19, 2012

Power Door Locks

Life was pretty chaotic when I found out I was pregnant with Evan.  We needed to move because we were in a one bedroom place.  We moved when I was about 5 months along in July, sweaty as it was I helped as much as I could.  We got lots of new cars, by that I mean they were changing so much I can't even remember the way it all went down.  With my husband starting a new job and getting a company car, and with trading in leases and whatnot it gets a little fuzzy.

What I do remember is that at some point in time we got a Honda Civic.  I insisted of course on a four door because of the child that would soon be with us.  I also fought hard for power door locks.  Seems like a given at this day in age but apparently not.  I lost the battle, price won out and my husband came home with a car that did not have power locks.  I imagined going to a store with the baby and having hands completely full trying to finagle my way into the car.  Of course you had to reach your arm around inside the car to unlock the door.  I ended up driving this car for quite some time until we got our CR-V.  (Yes, we are a Honda family)

A couple of weeks ago my husband mentioned that one of the salesmen at his work was talking to him about trading in the Civic and getting a different car.  I thought you couldn't do that with a leased vehicle, but apparently you can.  My husband thought differently about it on that occasion;  he noted we need to be spending less money with me staying at home soon, as opposed to more.  He did admit, however, that the lack of power door locks was pretty irritating.  He gave a little grin, and I shot back the "I told you so" smile. 

Anyway...Today, he gave in.  Now we have a 2012 Honda Civic with power doorlocks sitting in our driveway.  

I asked him if he said to himself "Meg told me so".  

He said, "No, I was thinking it was supposed to be your car anyway".  

If you didn't know, he has a comeback for EVERYTHING.

Congrats on your new car honey!



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