Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Little Bit of ISH

Have you have ever found yourself wondering why in the world someone like myself would name my blog Domesticated-ish?  Perhaps you think there is no room for "ish" when it comes to this domestic goddess.  If you've ever pondered what the "ish" is all about, allow me to fill you in.  

Aside from burning at least one thing every single time I have people over for dinner (sometimes myself), not knowing how to keep plants alive, and not washing my floors nearly enough, I've added a new tally on my list of things I screwed up.  

It's a little hard to have proper perspective on what I have done to my poor child's head, but it's not good.  I grabbed the clippers on Friday night.  Thought, for far too short an amount of time, about the guard on the blade, and proceeded to take a quick swipe right down the middle in the front of his head.  For those of you that have ever used clippers before it was on setting 1.  That's as close to the blades as you can get with the guard on.  

After creating a virtual striped bald spot on the front of my kids head, there was no turning back and I had to go all the way.  I have to chalk that one up as lesson learned I guess.  It's only hair, and luckily his grows quickly.

Don't worry, he doesn't care at all....


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