Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Evan is 15 Months Old!

Today my Evan is 15 months old!  My little mini muffin.

 He is nearly running, he really tries to go fast and it looks pretty funny with his tiny little legs. 

He is fearless, he will climb on anything he can find, and he will fall off of it and go right back for more.  He is still in daycare until the end of this month and sometimes when I pick him up, his class is out on the playground.  He could care less when I arrive because it seems he loves to be outside. 

Note the noggin bruises from diving off the play structure at daycare, Oh and a mouthful of Goldfish.

He says "mama" all the time.  He also says "more" anytime he wants anything at all.  He says Whasat? for what's that as he points.  He also says a few things I haven't deciphered yet.  He seems to have great motor skills, and he can figure out how to do things that surprise me.

When he gets tired he tends to do the things that are most undesirable over and over again.  For instance, at the in-laws the other day when he reached his limit, he went back and forth between trying to open one of the kitchen cabinets and shaking the wine rack. 

His hair is growing back much darker than it's been.  As you may know, I botched his last haircut, but it's growing quickly so I'm pleased with that.

He still loves to eat fruit much more than anything else, except Nutri-Grain breakfast bars, which seem to be his favorite food.  Proteins are a tough one for us but I keep trying.  Ketchup and Ranch dressing do nothing to help.  He uses his little fork all by himself, even if he does spit most of what gets into his mouth out. 

He is delighted and frightened by dogs.

He is affectionate and cuddly, and not just when he's tired. 

It's not even 6:30 but he was so tired, that he's already in bed, and I miss him.  I can't wait to be with him all the time!

On a related note, Three years ago today my husband I met for our first date in about eight years.  We dated for a while when we were younger but took years apart.  March 21, 2009, it really all began.  I love him,and our life together more and more every day.


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