Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Catching Up With Evan - 9 Months

For those of you that are new readers, I only started writing here last October, and at that point, Evan was already 10 months old.  Once I started seeing all of the awesome things that people do to remember milestones and the progress of their children, I was so sad that I hadn't done much of anything.  So I'm catching myself up and we're almost current.  I'm going to speed things up a bit soon I think, but not just yet.

Since I wont be working anymore after the end of this month, I will have much more Evan material to share, and he's pretty awesome, so you'll love it. 

At the end of Summer last year Evan was 9 months old.  The most significant thing we did was to attend the Deerfield Fair.  In New Hampshire, fairs are all over the place in the late summer and early fall.  Mike and I both took the day off, and so did some friends who attended with us.  It was pouring out pretty much the entire time we were there which wasn't so great.  Evan did get to meet some cool furry friends though and I can't wait to take him back this year.  (I am crossing my fingers that I might be selling items from my shop at the fair this year too!)  

And here are a few more little cuties of my little guy.  Eating some hummus, sitting in his toy bucket, and trying to escape from the gate. 


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