Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Catching Up With Evan - 8 Months

Evan turned 8 months old in August of 2011.  Summer in New England is just beautiful.  We enjoyed walks around the neighborhood, and some time in the in-laws pool.  I'm excited to see how much Evan enjoys the pool this coming summer, because last year he could have stayed in the water all day and been happy.  By eight months he was crawling like a pro and really getting around.

The newest family member was also born in August.  Evan gained a new cousin, Soleil. A beautiful new baby girl who is still currently the youngest in the family.  

I loved having time with Evan in the summer.  I called out of work once that I can remember and took him to the beach.  He crawled in the sand and ate some too.  He looked adorable, and of course I took pictures of him that I can't find.  But until I do, the memory is burned into my brain of that adorable face in his waterproof fisherman's hat and a sandy smile.  

Evan at 8 Months.


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