Sunday, February 26, 2012

House Tours - Laundry Room - After

As I mentioned a few days ago, my husband and I are making efforts towards purchasing a home.. HOORAY!  And with that said, House Tours has been edited.  But don't worry I think it will actually be better, for all of us. My new plan is to just show y'all around my house.  This of course will involve at least cleaning the room before taking photos so you don't know how much of slobs we are.  No major changes are going to happen in this rental though.  In the laundry room I only made some minor adjustments to make me dread entering the room less.  If you would like to see the room before check here. And here's how it looks now.

The worst thing about the room was how dark it was.  Mostly because I had a red curtain hanging up, so I took that down.

  I bought a shelving unit that now lives to the right of the dryer.  And I bought a rack to hang up the broom, mops and whatever else made sense. 

I made some little posters to hang on the cabinet doors that make me smile. 

I tidied up opposite the machines.

And I didn't touch this closet at all! I really want to get the tools and stuff organized asap though. 

As a special bonus I cleaned my downstairs bathroom this morning so I can show you that too.  How exciting.  Click here to see it!


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