Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Catching Up With Evan - 7 Months

Evan first pulled himself up when he was 7 months old. He did it the first time at daycare.  Missing any firsts from my son is devastating to me, but I put on a good front.  I told the daycare from the beginning that I didn't want them not to tell me things, because that's what they would do, not tell and just wait til the baby does it at home for you to see it "first".  I choose not to live in a world of illusion.  Evan is at daycare for eight hours every day, it was bound to happen.  

He was seven months in the summertime.  My in-laws have an awesome pool that we get to spend lots of time at, and Evan loved it!  At first he was scared of the little float that my mother in law bought him, but he warmed up to it quickly.  I realized that I don't have photos of him in it since I was there beside him.  I think I'll have to round some up.  

Here are some photos of Evan at 7 months old, feels like a lifetime ago....

napping in his bouncer

loves to cross those legs

in his walker playing with his cousin

All the cousins together.  Now there is one more.

On his playmat.  Love the bright colors, hated trying to keep it clean.


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