Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Catching Up With Evan - 3 Months

It really is quite nice to reminisce of the times when Evan was wee.  When he was three months old, I was back at work.  I went back when he was 11 weeks old in fact.  It nearly killed me.  I didn't even consider the notion that I may want to stay at home with him.... until I saw him.  

In the hospital was when I learned that my doctor was only giving me six weeks out of work.  That was hogwash, and I wasn't having it.  I had a C-section with Evan and I had assumed that I would have a nice 12 weeks with him, I was appalled that they only approved half of that.  I took the time anyway.   

To this day I am still searching for a way to make it work for me to stay home with Evan and I am willing to sacrifice a lot to make it happen.  My husband is not on the same page in this chapter.  But hopefully we can come to an agreement sometime soon.

Here are some photos of Evan at 3 Months old. 

Yummy hands

Tummy time

Tiny man, in tiny jammies

He loved this chair.

One of the homeboys.  Do people still say that? Probably not. 

Squishy face

Evan's first St. Patrick's Day

Dressed up for his first School Pictures.

Happy Wednesday, We're half way there!  


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