Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Working Girl Gets Bit in the Ass

In early April 2010 I found out that I was pregnant.  Mike and I had stopped trying not to get pregnant but somehow didn't really consider the outcome.  Once reality hit, the next step was panic.  I had left a really great job in Massachusetts working for a large property management firm so that we could move back to NH to be with our families just a few months earlier.  The job that I replaced it with was for a small company that owned a few apartment buildings and I managed the buildings, the job didn't offer any benefits, just a nice job title.  Dumb. I actually started interviewing at other jobs since I knew the current one wasn't going to get me very far.  I started another new job the first week of May 2010, just weeks after finding out that I was pregnant.  They told me I had to wait until July for health insurance.

I had never been without health insurance before, at least not that I knew of.  It never mattered.  When I started calling around to doctors, nobody really wanted to see me without insurance.  I got referred to a couple of places that offer reduced cost and charitable care, but they told me that I made too much money.


This is how Mike and I ended up married.  Romantic huh?  Actually I enjoy the story thoroughly.  We got married on a Tuesday, on my lunch break.  I haven't ever met anyone else that could say that.  We called it plan B.  Although I know neither of us doubted that we would eventually marry, I don't think it was exactly the way we imagined it going.  It probably sounds strange, but I really wouldn't change a thing.  I had health insurance on Wednesday.

The job I ended up taking is the job I still have now.  I work for a Housing Authority.  I have learned a lot since working there, and have been exposed to things I never knew about.   I'm not going to give you an essay here on what we do, just the overview so you know what I'm talking about.  I work for a government funded agency that offers subsided apartment rentals to low income individuals and families.  Specifically in the Public Housing area, this is basically what is commonly referred to as "The Projects".  Everyone that lives in the designated apartments pays rent that is based on their own income.  The first few months I worked with families.  I met a lot of liars.  They of course, do not tell you that they are lying, but you know it.  Now I work with the elderly and disabled folks on the program.  I think that if I still worked with the families I would have thrown in the towel a while ago.

If you receive any assistance from the government, I hope that you truly need it and deserve it, and are grateful for it.  I do not intent to offend anyone by writing today, I simply need to get some thoughts out before I go postal.

It becomes obvious after a while of working with people that receive government assistance, those that need it, and those that are pretty capable of standing on their own two feet.  It is absolutely infuriating to people who work hard and try to do the best for our family, and see people who are cheating the system, at least it would be if you knew what was really going on.  I would not try to imply that the quality of life for anyone cheating the system is any better than mine.  I am proud to bust my butt, because I know that my son will see that, and I hope that he will respect it.  I am trying desperately to believe in karma.

I am saddened by this concept the most currently because my husband and I are now in the process of trying to conceive our second child. ON PURPOSE! (smile)  But I am still petrified.  I wonder if we can handle the financial burden that an additional child will impose.  The likelihood that I will have to quit my job is high.  The cost of our son going to daycare is about half of my income, so add another one and what's the point?  I would give my left arm to stay home with my kids anyway.

It makes me angry to pay taxes when I know that some of my hard earned money pays for healthcare, food and housing for some people that really don't need it, and when I needed a little bit of help it was nowhere to be found, and the only reason was because I was working

They say that the burnout rate for people in jobs like mine is seriously high, and I am really beginning to understand why.


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