Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This is the second edition of my weekly posting in honor of being thankful. It amused me the other day when I was thinking about what to write this week and I wondered if I should make this a monthly post.  Ridiculous.  I think that was laziness kicking in a little.  I have so many things to be thankful for every single day that I wake up, and I know it.

It's not always easy to put your finger on just what those things are.  And it's easy to be too broad so that you don't realize the small things that you are grateful for.  So this is more than just a random thing I decided to do, it is also an exercise for myself to take notice of my life, and all that is good in it.  If that happens to make you stop and think about what is good in your life than I am grateful for that too. 

This week, I am feeling very thankful that my husband got a call that he has been waiting for about a job interview.  We aren't quite sure of the entire scenario just yet, but he has a few friends that have already, or are currently going through the process of working for a particular big name company, and he decided to give it a shot.  


In one conversation that we recently had about this job prospect, my husband said that if he is offered this job and takes it, then I can quit my job.  Did you hear me folks?  He is okay with me quitting my job.  If he can make up the difference with a higher paying job, it could really work. 

 I don't want to get my hopes up too high, since it might end up not being the right fit.  I am just going to cruise along with this hopeful feeling as long as I can, until there is something solid to go on.  His first interview is tonight.  Keeping my fingers crossed... and my toes! 


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