Friday, January 6, 2012

Small Talk

Have you ever been walking around a store and suddenly you bump into someone you know?  Of course you have, it's a nice surprise right?  What if it isn't a nice surprise?  How about those times when you see someone that you never got along with, or never really cared for.  I had that experience tonight.  I went to the grocery store with my son after work.  I was rounding the corner to go into the next aisle and there she was, Mean Girl.  It wasn't one of those situations where you can look away quickly like you never saw them either.  Though she was far enough away, it was full on, face to face, eye contact.  

She was pulling up to the checkout line.
I gave an awkward wave and said "Hi there, how are you?"
Mean Girl replied "Good, how are you?"
I said, "I'm great, it's really nice to see you" as I quickly continued around the corner. 
I heard no words follow me around that corner.
I am a bit of an over-thinker, I know this.  I thought about the encounter the rest of the way through the store, and to my house.  I took it as an intentional rudeness, that she didn't just say "You too".
Easy enough right? 
Probably why I never liked her. 
I seriously don't give a s#it if she meant it, because I sure didn't mean it.  If I could have gotten away with a quick look-away without saying anything, I absolutely would have. 

What exactly is small talk?  Isn't is just something that we use to fill awkward moments anyway.  
Since I work with elderly and disabled people, I am often bombarded with a lot of information about ailments that I really would rather not hear about.  
"Hello Mr. So-and-so, how are you today?"
"Not so good, I haven't been able to go to the bathroom all week"



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