Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Saturday Supper - Episode 1

Since having my son, it has become increasingly important to me that my family is close.  Staying in touch has never been a strong-suit of mine, or anyone that I share blood with for that matter.  But I am taking it upon myself to change that.  I told my three brothers and my mom that I will be making a family feast on the first Saturday of each month.  And the should be there or be square.

This past Saturday was Episode 1. The youngest of my brothers, Josh lives almost two hours away with his wife and their two daughters.  They weren't able to make it over for this installment.  My next oldest brother Ben, lives about ten minutes away with his wife and their two daughters.  Unfortunately, they forgot about the dinner until it was a little too late for them to make it over.  So that left my oldest brother Jay, who came without either of his children, who both live with their moms, My mom (granny), her husband(Poppi), my husband, who had to work until 6, and my son.  So it wasn't quite the full house I was hoping for, but it was the first one, and it was still a nice night.

 I decided that I wanted to make a roast.  I considered Prime Rib, but quickly changed my mind when realizing the cost.  When i hit the store, the young fella behind the meat counter probably thought I was a little off, but I find these huge cuts of meat quite intimidating

I am talking to you 15 pounder.

The young man guided me through my purchase, and I ended up with a five pound top round.  I picked up a rub because I had no idea what to do for flavoring the roast. 

When my mom asked me what she could bring.  I told her she could bring me some flowers.  I think I'll tell her that every month.  

I always like to do at least three courses.  People laugh about it sometimes, because they think it seems a little fancy, but I love it, and they aren't complaining when they are eating it all.

For the appetizers I made Wheat crackers with apricot preserves spread on top, and then a small slice of Brie cheese on top.  I put them on a cookie sheet and then baked them under the roast (at 250* for about 10 minutes, to melt the cheese)

They were pretty sticky, and a little hard to pick up off the tray without making a huge mess, but worth the struggle. 

I wanted to use the mandolin that I got at one of the Yankee Swaps at Christmas.  So I opted to use one of each colored pepper.  It was a pain in the rear to be honest with you, next time I would probably just use a cutting board and knife.  I served the peppers with some Ranch dip, and some hummus. Something about brightly colored food just makes me happy.

In case you are a roast-a-phobe like me,  I can tell you it's not as scary as it seems.  You just have to go for it.  I used the directions on the back of the spice packet.  It said to heat the oven to 425*, which I did, and then one option is to turn the oven down to 250*, and I was looking to cook the meat low and slow, so I did that.  I was going for medium doneness, which was supposed to be at an internal temp of 130-140.  I went to the top of that, but the meat was still pretty red, after letting it sit for about 15 minutes.  So next time I know better.  

I made some mashed potatoes, and garlic broccoli also.  Some nice cracked wheat rolls and dinner was served.  Everybody enjoyed their dinner, and then some Cupcakes for dessert

After dinner we retreated to the living room.  We just sat around for a few hours chatting and playing.  Listening to the soothing sounds of Hockey on the TV.  That is sarcasm in case I didn't lay it on thick enough.  My husband is a giant Hockey fan, so that's what you will find at any give time on my television if he has any say about it.

My son got to show off his hi-fiving skills

My husband (right) and my brother Jay, chatting over some brewski's. 

And here is my mom, pretending that she isn't playing with Evans toys.  She just had to check out his Learning Bug.

So, some of the family was missed, but luckily my intention is to do this again in just a few weeks.  And in case you were wondering about my dad.  I just so happened to have the opportunity to get together with him and his wife the very next day.  We hadn't gotten together since Fathers day, so that was a long overdue visit, and a very nice afternoon.  I am hoping that happens more often also.  


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