Monday, January 2, 2012

One Holiday at a Time

I am now in the holiday recovery stage.  I had been preparing for Christmas for months.  It all payed off because we had a wonderful holiday.  I hope you all did too!

Since I became pregnant with my son I started to feel the need to be a more well prepared person.  In 2010 I had my Christmas shopping done and wrapped in October.  Since my son was due in December I didn't want to have any stress added to my delivery.

I started thinking of ideas for my sons first birthday party very shortly after he was born.  With a birthday so near to Christmas I didn't want the holiday to overshadow his very special day.

Even with my new attempts at preparedness I was still a little saddened by what I saw at the grocery store this morning.

You might be able to guess what it was.  The seasonal aisle that now contains Valentine's Day stock.

I have no problem with Valentine's Day.  I do find it slightly annoying that every holiday seems to get more and more commercialized each year, but I can deal with it.  I would just like to be at least, say, a week out of one holiday before I have the next one shoved down my throat.


  1. The worst are places like Hobby Lobby where they start Christmas in August. I've seen Valentine's things everywhere since the day after Christmas. I don't know what stores are thinking, but I'm guessing people shop for the holidays early, or they wouldn't bother to put it up.

  2. Perhaps you could give lessons in organization, since as usual I was buying Christmas presents on 12/23...
    Good post. Thanks,

  3. Yeah, it's sad how much holidays are commercialized. =/ Glad you had a good Christmas though!

  4. Yea I decided after this yr I would have a Christmas closet where I would store things throughout the yr. It' so annoying to have to shop in crowded stores when your trying to find something for your baby.

    BTW thanks for commenting on my post I commented back you made me laugh out loud when you said that lady asked " am I bothering your" -LOL

  5. sadly i saw valentine's stuff up in Kohl's on december 23rd. couldn't believe it!



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