Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mom's Group - The First Meeting

Yesterday was the first meeting of the Mom's Group that I am putting together.  It ended up being quite intimate with only my sister in law and a friend coming each with their two children.  Although I have hopes for large gatherings in the future, I was actually a little relieved that the first one ended up being just a few of us.  

I didn't really know what most people do at Mom's Groups besides talking because I had never been to one.  I just wanted a nice friendly gathering for us moms.  

I decided to plan a brunch.  I made (and bought) a whole bunch of food, and put it all out on my enormous dining room table.  

I found a recipe for a breakfast egg casserole.  Once I perfect it I'll share (It was really good already though) 

I put out some Vanilla Greek Yogurt and Maple Granola

I made these banana crumb muffins, and bought the cheese danish, and mini cinnamon rolls in the back. 
I made a fruit salad and picked up some cream cheese fruit dip (so yummy)

I had plenty of water, juice and milk on hand for the kids, and coffee for the mama's.  

I wanted to make sure that the kids would have a good time too.  I recently picked up a bunch of art stuff so Evan and I can use it together, so I went and picked up a bunch more and put it all out for the kids. 

Fingerpaint, coloring books, play doh, and lots of other fun stuff!
I didn't want to take photos of the ladies and their children because I wanted everyone to relax and not worry about being on the internet! But my kid is excluded, he's already famous on my blog.  And he stuck a crayon up his nose so...

We ended up playing with some bubbles too, and some of the party favors I had left over from Evan's first birthday.  We ate, and chatted and had a swell time.  I can't wait for the second meeting! 


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