Friday, January 13, 2012

House Tours

Do you like to watch HGTV?  Me too!

Do you love going to someones house for the first time, and checking everything out?  Yeah, I thought so, me too!

So I've got another fun idea from these loves.  I am going to give you a tour of my house.  I'm going to let you nosy folks spy all of my stuff!


I have ulterior motives.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to make a few changes around the house.  I'm going to show you one room a month, and then I'll tell you all about what I'd like to change about it, (perhaps with a little help from you) and then within that month, I'll show you how it turned out.   This is an attempt to motivate myself by being held accountable.  My Organization Challenge clearly wasn't really working for me.

OK, so I will kick things off by a vote.  To see which room we will start with, I'll ask you, my readers, to choose.  Here's what we've got.

  1. Front Porch/ Sun Room (wouldn't mind if it was warmer for this one, just sayin')
  2. Living Room
  3. Office
  4. Dining Room
  5. Laundry Room
  6. Kitchen 
  7. Downstairs (main) bathroom
  8. Storage/ craft area
  9. Second bathroom
  10. Master Bedroom
  11. Evan's Bedroom (I guess we still call that the nursery)
So, I turn to you to help me decide.  Which room shall I start with?

I'm hoping to show the "before" photos and whatnot on Monday, since I have the day off from work for the holiday.  So you have til then to cast your vote.  Thanks for your help!

If you have any home improvement, renovation, or redecorating posts you would like to link up, feel free to do so below.


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