Sunday, January 22, 2012

Green Thumb

I have never been much of a gardener.  I have always wished I was though.  A few years ago, I lived in a second floor apartment that had a balcony.  My mom, who is incredible with plants, helped me to set up some window boxes to hang on the balcony.  It didn't take me long to murder those plants. I didn't have a good understanding of the light that came into the area, and I was terrible with keeping up the watering.  This is no different than how any plant that has come to live with me has been treated.

Well it looks like something may have changed.  My mom brought me some flowers for a dinner party on January 7, which is now more than two weeks ago.  Look at the flowers now.

It's really hard for me to believe.  I have actually taken pretty good care of them, so it's not just a fluke.  Multiple times I trimmed the stems and changed out the water.  Last weekend I thought it was pretty awesome that they hadn't died yet, and this weekend I started wondering if they were a mutant breed or something.  But I think it's really just that I've been actually putting in effort to keep them as long as possible.

They are above my kitchen sink and it makes me happy every time I see them , which is a lot!  It's not really the best timing for me to wish to take up gardening but I'm really hoping to get something going in the Spring.  

I have a great mentor in my mom.  It would be so excellent to grow some vegetables and herbs to use fresh. And some flowers to brighten things up.  I considered making a garden last year, but since we rent our house, it didn't seem wise to make a large investment, since we would like to purchase a home soon.  I think I will do it anyway this year, even if we are still here.  

They just make me happy!



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