Thursday, January 5, 2012

Being a Kid Again - Thankful Thursday

As I was playing with my son before I put him to bed tonight, I found myself really enjoying the toy that we were sharing.  My husbands cousin bought it for my son for his first birthday. Thanks again Sara!

Vtech - Crazy Legs Learning Bugs
I knew right when I saw it that I was going to love it.  It is a pretty dynamic toy.  It sings little songs, and teaches shapes and numbers.  And when you push the little lady on top all the crazy little "legs" shapes pop out.  The thing is, I'm pretty sure I like it more than my son.  There are a few of his toys that turn me into a toddler myself.  I get a little possessive, like I'm annoyed when he wants to take it back for himself.  I think the simplicity of playing with these toys is so soothing to tired adult minds sometimes.

I was thinking the other day about the first time I will be able to take my son to a movie in a theater.  I know it wont be for a few more years, but I can't wait.  I love kids movies, I have since I was, well, a kid.  There is something creepy about an adult going into a children's movie without a child though so it's been a while for me.  Sure I've snuck in a few on occasion at home, where nobody can see me.  I really look forward to the day that we can share that, and it will likely be for just me and him, since my husband hates going out to the movies.

I have made a decision on a regular weekly posting.  Thankful Thursday is what I have chosen because I would like to remind myself of what I am thankful for, not only in November.  For my first one, I am so incredibly Thankful for my son, obviously.  More specifically today, I am thankful for the youth and simplicity he has brought back into my life.

What are you thankful for today?  


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