Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby Shower Gifts

I finally finished a gift that I was working on for some friends of ours that are having a baby very soon.  I was excited to make a few things and also buy a bunch of stuff.  These friends took great care of us when our son was on the way and I had a lot of fun trying to repay the favor.  My husband brought the gifts to work today to give to the daddy-to-be, so I can finally share what was included!

I started by making a tote bag personalized with their daughters initials.

I made a lovely blanky too.  It's minky fleece dot, backed with flannel. (coming soon to the shop)

Then I got to fill the rest of that bag up with some of my favorite baby products.

A fleece jacket suit with adorable little ears, like the one Evan used to wear (only his was blue)

A version of Evan's favorite book. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
I couldn't actually find the exact one he likes best anywhere, so I picked up the advanced version.  Evan has this one too because some of our friends got it for him for his birthday!

A Car Seat Mirror to keep an eye on the little one in that rear facing car seat.

A Bright Starts Teether Pal. I thought this was like the one Evan used to love, and it is similar but not quite the same.  His has something inside the belly that makes a crinkly noise.

Boogie Wipes!  Mom's best friend.  I should be a spokesperson, seriously. I just love them.  I picked up two packs so Evan could try the grape kind too.

My favorite type of MAM Pacifiers, and the clip set to keep them handy.  These are the only type I buy. They are cute looking and also don't have that obnoxious little handle.

And of course, a little sleep and play outfit. It's a lot of fun buying (and making) stuff for little girls, since my house is SO BOY!

And the finished product.

A little tissue paper and a card, and it was good to go.  I'm really happy with it, and I hope they are too!  Can't wait to meet their little girl soon!


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