Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stovetop Popcorn and Movie Night

Have you ever made fresh popcorn on the stove?  If you haven't I believe you are missing out!  I never had until I was working in a bar and our popcorn machine broke.  I'll be honest I also haven't made it since, but for some reason it came to mind when I asked my husband to watch a movie with me.

It's really easy to do.
Pour 1/4 cup Vegetable oil in a large stockpot, pick one that has a lid and smooth bottom.  Turn the heat to medium high and drop one kernel of corn into the pot and cover.

 Once your one kernel pops, pour 1/2 cup of kernels into the pot and cover again.  This is not something you can walk away from but it only takes a few minutes.

You have to shimmy the pot back and forth continuously until the popping basically stops, kinda like listening for the microwave kind.

And that's it!   Pour it into a bowl, I add salt, cause I love it.

They make some fun popcorn seasonings too these days that are pretty decent, or you can use some Parmesan cheese, or a sprinkle of dry ranch salad dressing mix.

We watched "The Change Up" with Jason Bateman, and Ryan Reynolds, it was a pretty decent movie, and my husband even stayed awake for the whole thing, you know that's a good sign!



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