Friday, December 30, 2011

Power Tools

Long ago, before I made the man in my life fix things for me, I considered myself a pretty handy gal.  I still do actually, but I married a mechanic, I mean seriously shouldn't he do the tool-needing tasks?  When you are single you typically have no choice but to take care of things by yourself, and I did.  I do sometimes do things myself because I get impatient since my husband has a slightly largely lower sense of urgency to get things done than I do.

My husband has a gigantic tool box, it's really like a shed on wheels.  It is not at our home, but at his work.  It is filled with thousands of dollars worth of tools that I probably wouldn't even be able to name.  At home we have the same toolbox I bought when I was 18 in my first apartment.  It's filled with a random set of tools that were collected throughout my years, and a lot of things that I also do not recognize.  I find it laughable that our home collection is so sad, while I would consider him to be somewhat of a "tool man".

I got a chuckle tonight when I was in the kitchen doing some baking with the new mixer my mom bought me for Christmas.


 I walked away from my mixer to get something and I heard my husband fiddling with the buttons and muttering to himself.  I said "Don't touch it!"
"What, I can't turn it on?"
"No, you don't know what you're doing, why do you want to?"
"Cause I love powertools", As he finds the switch and the beaters turn.
"This is a powertool?"
"It has a motor right?"

I wonder if he will be doing the baking from now on.

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  1. lol! still my son that is intrigued by anything that has a motor!! he loved anything he could take apart and re-work when he was a child!



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