Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Not Algebra

Have you ever felt like your spouse, or partner just isn't listening to you?  I think that if you are in some sort of relationship the chances are high that you can answer yes to this question.

As I have mentioned before, I am a part time college student.  I am currently enrolled in an algebra class that is 100% online, and also a Business Communications class that is held on Tuesday evenings at my college.  I have been enrolled in said Business communications class since August and the Algebra class is an accelerated 8 week class that began in October.  I have one week remaining in the semester.

You might imagine that I have mentioned a thing or two about what is going on in my classes to my husband.

Tonight I returned home from my Business Communications class in which I had to give an oral presentation.  I started to tell my husband how pleased I was with my grade, and how much of a nerd I felt like because I was so intent on being the first to present, even if it was only to get it over with.  I began to tell him that there were some pretty interesting topics discussed.

He said "What would you give a presentation on in an Algebra class?"



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