Friday, December 16, 2011

House Hurdles

Anyone out there do hurdle jumping in high school?  Well I certainly didn't, but it seems the experience would be of service to me at this point in my life.  You see, a baby-proofed house is apparently not all that adult friendly.  Think of the child proof pill bottles that you can never open.  That's sort of how things run in my house these days.

My current battle is with a large gate system that spans most of my living room.  We have a treacherous staircase that we obviously have to block our son from getting to

See, this photo is from August, clearly when he started pulling up, it had to be on the dangerous stairs...

Our stairs have a grab bar that is now only semi-attached to the wall side.  There is nothing on the other side, so nothing to attach a normal baby gate to.  I tried many things to jimmy one up there, but it wasn't happening.  I resorted to purchasing a gate system that is made up of six panels that can form a completely enclosed area, or essentially a cage for your kiddo.  I don't use it like that as you can see.

It is quite effective at containing my son to the living room where everything is safe for him, and in the above photo you can see those horrible stairs that he is not able to access.  The only problem is that I find myself constantly catching myself on this thing.  And for some reason I am always trying to swing my leg over it with a full strength movement, so it hurts like heck when I smack my foot or toe on it.

So, other than me whining about hurting my toes, the moral of this little story is that I highly recommend this type of gate system especially if you have an awkward space, just take it slow with heaving yourself over it.  And if you have any hurdling tips, I have open ears.


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