Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Tree Bandits

You have seen our silly Christmas tree.  This is the story of how it came to be in our home.

The weekend after Thanksgiving the family and I drove down the street to a church that sells Christmas trees.  We don't have a go-to place that we buy from, and haven't yet gotten into cutting our own down, which surprises me since I think my husband loves wielding a chainsaw more than any other tool.

Moments after arriving at the lot my husband recognized the woman who was volunteering there.  She was the wife of an old colleague of his.  She mentioned that her husband would be back to the lot shortly as their whole family was working there.  Said husband arrived and I realized that I knew him also.  My husband and I actually met as teenagers at the place where we all worked together.

We found our tree quickly and it was only 35 bucks so I was happy about that.  Another man who was quite clumsy was helping my husband tie the tree to the roof and I was loading the little one into his carseat.  We all decided that we needed more rope.  Both my husband and the clumsy man disappeared behind the sea of trees, but only the clumsy man returned.  I assumed that my husband had gone to pay for the tree.

After about twenty minutes of waiting in the car I began trying to text my husband, then called him (with no answer, of course).  I saw the wife coming towards the car.  She cracked a joke about how men always say that they are waiting for women. I didn't laugh.  Instead I was in full witch mode and asked her if she knew where my husband was.  I felt bad for being such a jerk but I was so annoyed that I think my blood pressure had risen to an unhealthy level at this point.  She was very nice, and if she's reading..I'm sorry!

My husband came strolling out of the sea of trees moments later.  He got the silent treatment on the way home, except for when I asked him to give me the change from the purchase.  I had handed him Eighty dollars when we got to the lot.  We were told that the tree cost $35.  My husband handed me fifty dollars back when we got home.  I said "Uh, I thought the tree was thirty five".  He said "yeah it was, I gave them $10 extra, cause it's a church and everything".

You do the math.


He said that the cashier person got a little confused when he tried to get change, but he thought it came out right.  Apparently we got a little discount instead.  We drive by the church all the time.  This weekend I told my husband I thought he should stop by and give them the rest of the money.  He said "We'll get em next year".

Something tells me that's just not acceptable since I'm cringing with embarrassment even talking about it.  Do you think I should give him the silent treatment again until he complies?

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  1. maybe donate the difference to the santa fund? that way you would still be helping someone in need!



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