Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Gifts For Our Sons Daycare Teachers

I wanted to share what I decided on giving as gifts to my sons daycare teachers.  I was in a bit of a rough spot and probably will be each year he remains in that school.  The reason is that he started attending in March and then was moved into the "toddler" room in November.  I was excited about this because I knew he was advanced enough to keep up and I felt he was being stifled in the infant room.  I have to admit one of the first things I thought of was "I am going to have to get Christmas gifts for a LOT of teachers".

It didn't seem right to forgo recognizing the teachers that were with him most of the year.  I got friendly with all of them, and they were great with my son.  It also seemed just as bad to forget about his current teachers.  Each room has four teachers.  Yep, four.

So here's what I decided on.

A box.

But wait, there's more.  I also opted to fill this box with little treats.

I made an Apple Pie Chex Mix and put it in a pretty little cellophane bag.  I attached a nice tag with a little handwritten Merry Christmas message on the back.  I also wrote what the contents of the bag were, and indicated that there are walnuts in the mix, in case anyone is allergic.

In this bag, there are four Peppermint Cream Whoopie Pies, one for each teacher.  I don't really think this is the best packaging but I'm sticking with it, mostly since I have to give them out tomorrow.  They are kind of falling apart in there, but I'm sure they will still taste good.

Last but, certainly not least.

I included a $5 Dunkin Donuts gift card and five $1 lottery scratch tickets for each teacher as well.  I decided to wrap the gift card and tickets together with a little green ribbon to make it seem a little nicer.  I know this is a really impersonal gift, but I am hoping that the little details will show how much thought I really put into it.  And I did, probably too much.  I changed my mind a hundred times about what I was going to do.

It ended up working out pretty well.  It all fits quite nicely in the box.

And when it's closed up it will be easy to carry.  I am somewhat of a crazy looking bag lady in the morning.  So I am glad to have a manageable package.  Now I just have about seventy two more things to get done before Saturday.  Don't worry though, it takes an awful lot to stress me out.  Merry Christmas!

Oh, and I didn't add the recipes for these little goodies, because they are not my own, and I don't really know if any of it tastes good.  I'll keep my fingers crossed, and I'll get back to you =)

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