Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cooking In Real Life

I worked at a pretty decent restaurant during my early twenties.  For five years I was a slave to the food and beverage consumers of Southern New Hampshire.  The good news is, from that torture I emerged a pretty decent cook.  I was lucky enough to work in an establishment that made homemade food, and the menu was pretty nice.  Throughout the years since, I have adapted my own recipes from items that were part of the menu I knew and loved so much.  I was a bartender for the last few years so I also learned that I Hate people.  Just kidding, but at the time I was a bit of a sourpuss so it probably wasn't the right fit in a job for me.

Anyway, I have come to enjoy cooking quite a bit.  I'm no Iron Chef so I don't attempt to cook food that I would have a hard time eating without gagging or that I can't pronounce.  I like to make wholesome and tasty food for myself and my loved ones.  If I had the time I would shop each day for fresh beautiful ingredients.  If I had time I would also get a pedicure every week.  But I live on planet Earth and time is super precious to me, especially since it seems to be in such short supply these days.

I have shared a few recipes so far and will continue to do so as regularly as possible.  Bear with me on the recipe writing as I am a complete amateur and have very little experience in cooking instruction, but I do have the desire to share a great passion of mine, hopefully paired with some helpful tips along the way.  Happy Cooking.

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