Thursday, November 17, 2011

Part-Time Mom?

I often hear people use the term "Full-time Mom".  In general I believe this refers to a mother who is with her children all day and does not work outside the home.  So, does that mean that since I have the misfortune of needing to assist in the financial support of my family and thus lack the ability to stay with my child at home, I am a part-time mom?

 I present this question as food for thought, not as a judgement of any family's decision or ability to take part in either lifestyle.  I question myself sometimes.  Would I be a complete wreck if I was a stay at home mom? (the term I much prefer, by the way).  Would my son be better off?  I try and offer myself justification that he is better off as things are, with him going to daycare for about eight hours a day from Monday through Friday as a way to cope with it being something I just can't change.  I try.  I ask my husband probably on a weekly basis if I can quit my job yet.  To be clear, I have no problem working, and consider myself to be a fantastic employee.  I do see benefit in growing my career, I have a pension that I don't even have to contribute to, which is virtually unheard of these days.  I provide my family with health insurance, which I used today, actually.  None of this makes me miss my son any less.

Am I a good mom?  I think so.  It's hard to say that, with all the doubt you are filled with as a parent.  But I know I would literally walk barefoot to the end of the earth for my child if there was some absurd need for me to do so.  I am often brought to tears just by the thought of how intense the love I have for him is.  I will make every effort to do the absolute best for him in any way that I can.

So an answer to this question that sometimes clouds my head in the shower, or at a stoplight in the car.  Am I a part-time mom?  I think not.  Being a mom is inside me every minute of every day.  It is a part of every decision I make and everything that I do.  I may not be with my son as much as I wish I could be but he is always with me.


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