Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fancy Weekender

I walked out of Target today pushing my carriage around 10am.  I heard some heels tapping behind me so I glanced to see the woman coming up beside me.  For some reason, anytime I am walking around in a store I am surprised to hear the sound of high heels, probably just because I have hardly any interest in wearing them anymore so even though I wore them on a daily basis for years, I have a hard time fathoming how anyone could do it now.  In the past if I knew I would have to be shopping after work I would bring a pair of flats to change into for comfort.

Anyway, as I strolled out of Target wearing a sweatshirt and Capri pants with calf high imitation Ugg boots.  Not yet showered mind you, with not a single swipe of makeup.  I glanced at this woman who was wearing a mini skirt with tights, Pretty Woman style and thigh high boots, and a tailored coat with a waist tie.  Then I couldn't take my eyes off of her as she walked to her car.

I created a whole life for this fancy lady.  Starting with she was dressed up like this so early in the day for her trip to Target.   Clearly she had somewhere fancy to be and was merely picking up supplies.  My mind wandered to what it was like to wake up as a fancy lady. Wearing pajamas that match, lifting your silk eye shades off as you stretch to greet chirping birds outside of your immaculate home.

I felt myself trying to stand up a little straighter, and smoothing my sweatshirt, which I'm pretty sure had at least one stain on it.  But as I drove out of the parking lot and towards home, I came back to reality.  I decided that there was a possibility that this fancy lady had nowhere important to go at all and was one of those people that wears makeup to the gym.  If I was headed somewhere in which I had the opportunity to look nice I would certainly take it, however, I resolve to continue wearing sweats to Target!!


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