Friday, November 4, 2011

Mouse in the house

We have a little intruder in our house.  Actually he's not really that little at all.  For the third timein about a week, this morning I watched a mouse scurry from the kitchen into the bathroom.. Eeeek.  We live in a pretty wooded town in a pretty old house so we come across some pretty horrifying things (actually sometimes I think I might be the only one).  My husband seems to think I am a huge baby about it sometimes, and I just might be.  but when you peel back the curtain and go to climb into the shower and find is a spider with a body the size of a quarter in there...yeah I don't think so!!  I don't want to gross you out but the though of even squishing it makes me gag, have you heard the noise those big ones make when you squish em?  gag, gag, gag....
My husband was on the computer in our family room this morning and I was giving the baby a snack in his high chair in the kictchen and I saw our little rodent friend go into the bathroom, I pointed this out to my husband who came to inspect.  I thought it was a riot that he seemed a little scared.  He said "Well I don't want it running up my leg or anything, I've heard about that happening".  He didn't search too hard for the thing.  We joked about the ways in which we would try exterminating it.  He said "if it comes out just step on it", I said "oh yeah, why don't I just stab it?" 

I think I will go down the tried and true method of purchasing traps but it gave me a good chuckle even if it is mildly disturbing. 

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  1. Put some peanutbutter in the trap, they are attracted to the smell!



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