Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hand, Foot and Mouth - Not Just for Kids

I've got a little man who is just getting over being sick for quite a stretch.  Last Wednesday night it started with a fever of 102.7 at 2 am.  I completely panicked.  My husband thinks I am a crazy person sometimes, which I am when it comes to certain things. I'll admit it.
"Call the doctor" I hollered at him as I re-diapered my son, fighting tears.
He said "It's 2 a.m! What are they gonna do? They are gonna tell you to wait anyway!!"
"Shut up and do it!"
He complied.
I began reading one of my many reference books which referred me to calm down.
"You don't have to call if you don't want to"
"I can't get through anyway"
We gave the boy some water and went back to bed for a few hours and he seemed great when we woke up.  Silly me tried to bring him to daycare, where they said he couldn't stay, as children need to be fever-free for 24 hours before coming in.  I brought him home and he took a nap.  When he awoke he was burning up.  103.7.  OK, doctor time.  They saw him at noon.  Herpangina.  Gross.
Doc said they can't do anything about it.  Just give him Tylenol and wait it out 3-10 days. He said to keep the baby home from daycare Friday also and he's good to go back Monday if he's feeling better.  It was a rough few days since this was his first time being really sick.  He was glued to me for the duration.
When Monday rolled around I figured I would call the daycare before wasting more time trying to bring him in and being shot down.    I spoke honestly of the symptoms he continued to exhibit, and the director said I should keep him home and call the doctor back, acting as if he had leprosy.  Okey Dokey.
I questioned the nurse at the doctors office as to when I would know he was cleared to go back and she stated that he should be fine to go anytime, and what he had was a strain of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease,  very common in children under five and is no more contagious than the common cold.
Tuesday we returned to daycare and work.  I had class at night and while sitting and listening to my professors lecture I could not stop staring at my hands which were tingling with some slight pain.  I had announced to my mother-in-law earlier that I believed this to be from sewing pins pricking my hands.  Logical right?
This morning I woke up to this

Not just for the under five years olds I guess.. Ouch!  Mind you this did not happen to my sons hands, but it is fairly painful and as you can see doesn't look very nice.  Some of these nice little blisters are in between my toes too.. Do you know where your hand sanitizer is?  Have you run to get it yet?

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  1. Oh yes, I am getting my hand sanitizers...but being the mother you are IF sara comes tomorrow and i don't think the baby will be out but, but, should she be near you???



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