Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lalaloopsy and the Crazy Gift Lady

Last week I was browsing online for some Christmas gifts when I came across something I thought would be really cute for my nieces fifth birthday which just happens to be in the beginning of December.  "Add to cart".  I continued shopping, on and off throughout an afternoon not paying too much attention to it.  After a while I received a message that my shopping cart had been updated.  Hmm?  Two items had been removed due to availability.  Interesting.  The gift I had chosen for my niece was one of the ones taken out.  At first I didn't think too much of it, but it was really neat so I looked elsewhere, and found it quickly.  Ok, not a big deal, that was easy so I did not purchase it at that time.

The next day I was ready to actually make some purchases so I first went for my nieces gift.  Nowhere had it available to ship.  Alright, I'll pick it up.  Nowhere had it in stock.  Uh oh.  Now this had become a big problem. At first it seemed like a nice gift, I had even seen a commercial for it on tv.  Now it was something altogether different.  I HAD to have it for her. It was becoming clear that this will be one of those hot toys that people get into fist fights over in the store when there is only one left, or sell online for at least twice the price to the schmucks who didn't have the foresight to shop earlier.

Devastated, I began rethinking the gift.  A few days later I thought I'd check again and there she was....


Available to ship.  Wasn't she a sight for sore eyes? A few mildly stressful computer malfunctions later, and she was mine.. well until I have to give her up to my niece anyway.  So I was pretty pleased to get the gift that I really wanted from all of this, but I think I may have learned a valuable lesson at the same time.

It has come as quite a shock to me that I am one of the crazy parents, and this gift wasn't even for my own kid.  I have seen a glimpse into my future.  When my son is old enough to care what his gifts are, it is likely that I will be one of the parents trampling over the others at midnight on Thanksgiving to ensure he has all the best stuff.  Sounds pretty materialistic huh?  I know!  Isn't it terrible?  I'm glad I've caught onto it early so as to avoid this future shame.

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