Sunday, November 6, 2011


Since I have become so crafty recently, I spend an awful lot of time in craft stores getting supplies.  There are a two that I frequent one in particular because it is fairly close to my work and I can run in sometimes on my lunch break.

I was sad to find the first time I went in there on a mission in a short period of time that it took FOREVER to get through the checkout line.  I was late getting back to work and of course it was one of the very few times I had a meeting scheduled. Not the type of thing I like to have happen.

Yesterday afternoon my son and I went to this store and after I finished shopping as I approached the check out counters I tried to remain calm.  You see, the thing is this particular store uses manual cash registers.  It is completely baffling to me that this sort of thing could still be going on.  I am the first to admit that I really am not very technologically savvy, but I know that this is just ridiculous.  Imagine the horror of someone in front of you in line with a carriage full of small items, beads perhaps. It could take all afternoon.  It felt like that happened to me yesterday.

The line I pulled up to seemed to be the only one open out of the 10 or so others.  There was a couple people at the next register over who seemed to be doing something super important and so I pulled up behind the open line.  The fella doing something super important at his register beckoned me over.  I was happy to not have to wait, as most people would be.  So this guy was clearly newly hired at this establishment, and that's fine by me, I don't really get frustrated by things like that, he's learning, I get it.

Not only does this store have the manual cash registers, they apparently have no idea what the signs in their advertise as being currently on sale.  They have a sheet of paper like the one they mail out with the weekly ad.  And they have to inspect your items to determine if they quality.  Are you kidding me??  I had a five minute conversation about the batting I was buying with the lady who was supposedly training my fella, she even called over to the department to check.  Yup 30 percent off.  Like I said.   So this guy was super friendly and my kid was behaving so it was all good.  I didn't even sweat like I normally would when it takes me half hour to get checked out.  I probably had fifteen items.

When I got home I glanced at my receipt.  Batting... full price.. Awesome.


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