Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't Touch My Kid

There are a lot of things you can prepare for when having a child.  There's one thing that I still have an excruciatingly hard time dealing with.  All the touching. Mostly that which is done by strangers.  When you become noticeably pregnant sometimes people will find your round belly irresistible.  I lucked out in this department because no stranger bothered me, although I did get a few people that I barely knew pawing at me. Okay fine I'll survive.  They do tell you that this will happen in the books you read in preparation, and that everyone who talks to you will give you some slice of advice, regardless of whether or not you care to hear it.  But this evening I found myself dreading going to the grocery store, not for the normal reasons, like that it is just no fun to do.  I picked my son up from daycare and headed over to the store just knowing that someone was going to touch HIM!  Now, when he was really tiny, I wouldn't say that I was neurotic about it, but I wasn't too fond of many people touching him, especially since he was born in the winter time and I feared him getting sick.  It is inevitable at this point that he will be sick most of the time it's cold out since day cares are basically a playground for germs and whatnot.  So that is no longer my bother when someone reaches out their little hand towards him.  I just can't seem to wrap my head around how any person would think it was appropriate to touch a stranger, regardless of their size or age, without invitation.  I feel like I must not be alone in my completely dumbfounded reaction.  Shall I swat your hand away from him and say no?  Do I let this behavior continue as I feel my ears heating and turning red?  I've tried to think of clever things to say, but only after the fact because somehow it still catches me off guard. 

Tonight, Evan got a wave from a little boy, and also some playful waving from the nice man in front of us in the checkout, which is actually quite helpful as that is always when he freaks out, so the distraction is appreciated.  But that's it, no touchers whatsoever.  I assume this only happened because I was semi-prepared for the hand swat. 

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  1. I'm with you, I don't like strangers touching my belly and I am SURE I won't like strangers touching my son. I would never touch someone else's child that I didn't know!!



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