Friday, October 28, 2011

Free Time

I am so curious to know exactly what that means, Free Time....
Free from what exactly? 
A few weeks ago my husband told me that I have more "free time" than him, in response to my asking him to clean something as a "romantic gesture".  I was immediately on the defensive in response this accusation.  I have a wonderful, loving husband who works very hard.  He is also an avid fly-fisherman, weekly pick-up hockey player, golfer (as much as we can afford), and rarely receives a negative response when he calls to check if it's cool to "go grab a beer" after work. 
I wake each morning, no later than six except on rare weekend occasions that I do not hear babbling, (or screaming at times) coming from my sons room.  The day is full from then on, getting everyone ready and out the door, work, home, then night-time routine kicks in.  Dinner, bath, story, bed, and then cleaning up after it all.  Some days are more exhausting then others.  Tuesdays I am lucky enough to have a fabulous mother in law take my son, and this is because I am in class until 8:30. 
Let me make it clear that I am NOT complaining about having a full and busy life. I actually enjoy almost all of it very much.  I AM curious to know how two people living in the same house could have a completely different view of reality, or at least a different definition of it.

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