Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crush on Crafting

I can't help but wonder if I might be suffering from a smidgen of mental illness recently.  With beginning this blog and all of the crafty things I have been doing, life has been a bit strange.  I haven't spent time doing things I really like to do in a long while.  Not necessarily because I couldn't, just because I didn't. 

In a very short time I've gotten to know the ladies at the craft stores, one of them greeted with "Evan right?'  I thought.. I might be coming here too often....

I have always loved to do things in the kitchen.  Nothing weird, I just mean cooking, and baking and such.  But I have a serious crush on crafting these days.  I have this tendency to completely overwhelm myself when I get on a kick of trying to do new things.  With that said, I decided I needed to make jewelery, sew clothing, make curtains, learn how to knit, refinish furniture.... See what I mean? 

I decided that the majority of the gifts I would give for Christmas would be homemade.  I thought that would equate to less expensive but I am learning that is untrue.  Not for me anyway.  

My first idea was to make homemade tote bags to use as gift bags for yummy treats and such and I finished my first one tonight.  It was the first time I made anything from a pattern, although I did alter the plan just a bit.  Can I just say that the pride I was feeling when that silly little bag was complete was ridiculous.  I'm thinking that might be all I need every once in a while to keep me doing things that are interesting to me!  

I sincerely hope there is something that you do that gives you that feeling too.   


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