Monday, October 24, 2011

Treat Yourself To Some Flowers!

Please go out and buy yourself some flowers. 

It is absolutely phenomenal how cheery it makes your house feel.  On Saturday I spent the first half of my day cleaning and organizing my house, and when I needed my husband to run out and grab a few things from the grocery store that I needed for my dinner party that evening, I decided to ask him to buy some flowers.  Now, this wasn't approached in the whiney fashion you are surely imagining ("you never buy me flowers, wah wah wah").  True, my husband has bought me flowers once...ever.  But generally speaking I'm okay with that, especially since I think I have the opposite of a green thumb.  Plants literally come into my custody to commit suicide.  So he brought home some autumn-y looking bunch, and I was stoked.  I dumped that little packet into the one vase I have in my cabinet, and even cut them at an angle under the running water.  That's what you're supposed to do right??

 Then my brother and sister in law arrived with another, even more beautiful bouquet, and they probably thought I was mental when seeing  how excited I was.  Two bouquets? at the same time?  Wow, this is living!  I'm proud to say that two evenings have gone by and at least they have made it this far.  I'm serious here, do your mood a favor. You really need to get yourself some, or you can just guilt someone else into doing it I suppose.   
You may notice this lovely arrangement to the right lives in a gigantic beer mug that I, ahem, "borrowed" from some bar at some point in my very early twenties.  I wasn't kidding, I really only have one vase. 


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