Thursday, October 20, 2011

Autumn Table Centerpiece

It may be a little silly to do in a chaotic household like my own, but I absolutely love a nice centerpiece for my dinner table.  Quite honestly, my husband and I tend to eat our dinner in our living room, and we even have one of those fancy coffee tables that you can pull up to the appropriate height.  It's quite convenient since our dinner table tends to be covered in everything we bring into our house and dump there (mail, my bags, etc)  The lovely new sewing machine my mother bought me for my birthday lives there now too until I find a home for it.  Anyhow, we are having some folks over for dinner on Saturday evening so I thought it would be a great opportunity to revamp my centerpiece.

I went to the craft store today and bought a yard of this really pretty fabric.  I only used half of that here to make this vertical table runner, but my table is not very wide.  I ironed it, and then hemmed all the ends.  I have a plastic gold charger that I believe I bought at big lots for a dollar a few years ago, and have gotten tons of use out of. 

These cool little glass rocks I bought at Wal-mart for three bucks.  Added a cool little branchy looking candle holder I had, and a nice new candle, and voila.  I'm pretty pleased.  


  1. i love it! my mil wants to give me one of her sewing machines (she was a seamstress and has 4, lol,) and this gives me the incentive to take her up on her offer!

    I love how unique it is, too, I would have never thought to put the rocks there, and that is my favorite part!



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